The Minister's Blog

March 2023

The last few years have been traumatic for everyone. We have had to endure the pandemic, the cost of living crisis, the war in Ukraine and the Presbytery Plan, which challenged the very future of the Auld Kirk.

As it has done throughout its almost four centuries of service, the Auld Kirk has played its part in helping the people of Ayr to adapt and overcome, no matter the challenge that has been before us. We were there when Charles II was restored to the throne in 1660, bringing an end to twenty years of republicanism; we were there when Europe trembled at the implications of the French Revolution; we were there when the world went to war with itself. Throughout these traumatic times the Auld Kirk was there as a symbol of hope, offering not only spiritual help, but practical help as well. Alongside the Town Council we helped build the first Hospital in Ayr.

During the pandemic and the cost of living crisis, the Church has been there keeping isolated people in touch with one another and helping to distribute grants to families and individuals in need.

Four centuries later, we are still making a difference with our lunch club, where we have welcomed several Ukrainian Families and we are still offering hope and our door is always open to whoever wants to walk through it.

Come and join us some Sunday and receive a warm welcome.

David Gemmell



2021 is now a few weeks old and it looks as if it might be another few weeks older before we are allowed to reopen again, but be assured that we will reopen. As soon as the First Minister gives the word, the Auld Kirk will throw open its doors in readiness to welcome every member back to Church and I know that many of you are praying that that day comes sooner rather than later. How fortunate I am to minister to such a loyal and faithful congregation.

Once again, I would like to thank the Senior Office Bearers for all their support and hard work over the past months; especially to John Little and Fred Stevenson for preparing the annual accounts. They may not make great reading this year, but I suspect that we are in a much better position than many others. Thank you for your continued financial support during lockdown, it is greatly appreciated.

Thank you also to the Session for your support of the Congregation, I hear many stories of phone calls and acts of kindness and it bodes well for the future.

While we might not be out of the woods just yet, the ever- increasing numbers being vaccinated is encouraging and hopefully once people have had their vaccine and we are allowed to open our doors, members will have more confidence to come and worship in the Auld Kirk, but don't feel you have to rush back, do so in your time.

Please keep praying for the NHS, Teachers, Shop workers and our Local Authority as they try to guide us through what we all hope are the final chapters of the pandemic.

God bless, you are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Your minister & friend

David R Gemmell