Post-Referendum Act of Commitment

25/09/2014 12:38

At the service on 21 September 2014 an Act of Commitment was performed - 

Act of Commitment


In this Act of Commitment representatives of the three main political

parties will bring forward lighted tapers which represent their

 commitment to the shared values which are inscribed on the Scottish

 Parliaments mace, namely: Wisdom, Justice, Compassion and

Integrity. The tapers will then come together to light a single candle

symbolising a commitment to work together for the common good of

 all the people of Scotland.


We commit ourselves, to work for the people of Scotland, uniting to

build a better society, grounded in the values and ideals we share:


Let us act wisely:

  Respecting our differences

  Healing one anothers pain

  Working together for the common good


Let us act justly:

  Towards those who have held different views

  Towards those who cannot stand up for themselves

  Towards those who live on the margins


Let us act with compassion:

  When we see others struggling

  When our neighbour needs support

  When our rivals are in despair


Let us act with integrity:

  Putting the good of others before our own

  Putting honestly and truth before personal advantage

  Putting self-interest aside in favour of self-sacrifice and noble service


The Act of Commitment is completed as we shake hands and

 share the Peace with those around us and say the Lords Prayer together.