Covid 19 Update

Friends, it has now been three months since we were able to worship together in the Auld Kirk. The announcement on Thursday 16th June that places of worship could open for Private Prayer was welcome in that it shows that we are winning the fight against the virus and that the rate of infection is now very low.

In the light of the relaxation of the lock down measures, the Senior Office Bearers in the church have decided that we won't be opening the church immediately and we have decided this for two reasons. Firstly, we need time to finalise our plan for getting back to church and this involves setting up new welcome teams, who have to be trained in the various hygiene and distancing procedures; we also have to source signage and hand washing supplies etc. Secondly, we also want to wait to see how the relaxing of the lock down measures effects the rate of infection. ONLY, when we are as sure as we can be that it is safe to do so, will we allow our members back into the building. That said, we are hoping that if all goes well that could be in the middle to end of July.

So please keep praying, for the Elders, as they wrestle with these difficult and complex issues; for all the Key workers who have done such a marvellous job over the months and for all the families who have suffered loss.

I know it is frustrating, there is no one more frustrated than me, but if I can see the sense in how we are moving forward and we are making progress, I know you can as well.

God bless and keep safe

David Gemmell

I have had a request fro our Malawi contacts in Dundonald to circulate this message for prayer.

Kenneth, I hoped you could forward to Presbytery and Prayer Promoters to whoever you send out prayer requests.

Thank you,


Greetings from our family to you in Jesus name. l would like to ask you to join us in praying for our country Malawi as we are re-voting on 23rd June, this coming Tuesday, for the presidential position. We have had very bad campaign - some people have been killed through burning their houses, beaten up. Judges have been forced to go on leave pending for retirement while their years of serving are still on. Therefore, we need our God to intervene in this situation so that no bloodshed should take place.

Stay blessed and have a good day.
In His service, Bordingtone & Elizabeth."

The Minister has been recording services and they can be found on the "Services" page of the web site, and previous services can be found in the " Archive" page . 

Live services are being trialled on the Zoom platform, anyone wishing to take part please send your email details to

Due to the recent outbreak of the Corona virus the Church is currently closed. The halls and all upcoming events are also suspended pending further announcements . As more information becomes available it will be published here on the web site.

A word from our Treasurer.

In light of the present circumstances when the Church is struggling for regular income there is something you can do if you presently give by WFO envelopes. Please consider giving by regular monthly or weekly bank standing order. This can be arranged directly with your bank or you can contact the joint treasurer Fred Stevenson who will provide you with the necessary form. If you wish you can go back to giving by WFO envelopes when things return to normal. Fred can be contacted on 01292 443559 or by email

A poem from Pamela Paterson

These are testing times at this time of year,
As I look around we have nothing to fear.
So what if we have to stay at home for lots of days,
We have shelter, water, food so we should give praise,
Millions in the world no luxury have they.  
So we should all be giving what we can, this I pray,
Covid can be a deadly disease but don't watch too much news.
There is always light at the end of the tunnel, one day we will fill the pews,
This beautiful world has had a healing and our weathers been good for a while.
So we have a lot to e thankful for, so look around and smile.
Listen to the birds at 4am and watch the sun arrive,
So count your blessings, trust in God, just be glad you are still alive.
Pamela Paterson,   ( Pam 'Ayrs' her heart)